Free Prom Dresses

What: Cinderella’s Closet Boutique pop-up shop
 Saturday, March 18 & April 8; 9:00a-4:30p
Where: ECOT. 3700 S High St #95, Columbus, OH 43207 

Every year, the organization, Fairy Goodmothers, organizes pop-up shop events to give central Ohio students a chance to find the prom dress of their dreams. Students are able to look through racks upon racks of dresses, shoes, and accessories for absolutely no cost at all. This is quite the special event, as many of these students may not have been able to afford a dress otherwise.

If you or somebody you know are on the hunt for the perfect prom dress, head on down to the ECOT center THIS Saturday or three Saturdays from now to begin your search.

For more information, or to pre-register for the event, go to .

We could all use a Fairy Goodmother from time to time.


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