Introducing: Half-Price Thrifting

Retail is out and thrifting is in!

What: Half-price days at the thrift store
 The last Tuesday and Wednesday of each month
Where: Volunteers of America (Tuesday) & Ohio Thrift (Wednesday) thrift stores
 Half the cost of an already ridiculously affordable price-tag
Parking:  Parking lots in front of the stores

It’s all about the Benjamin’s, baby! Why would you spend $80 on a winter coat at the mall, when you can find one of the same quality and durability for $4? It just doesn’t make sense!  Thrifting just seems like the most reasonable way to go.

Thrift shops like Volunteers of America and Ohio Thrift are extremely affordable and often have sales regularly via color-coded tags. It is easy to walk out with a bag filled with clothes for under $20. The last Tuesday of every month, Volunteers of America thrift stores are 50% off. Ohio Thrift thrift stores also have a 50% off sale the last Wednesday of every month. And at this point, it’s basically a steal!

I  do most of my shopping at the thrift store because rather than blowing my money to follow the latest trends, I am able to find unique pieces that allow my to express my individuality. So consider shopping smarter, and keep ya boy Ben tucked away in your wallet.


-You have to be willing to hunt. This means dedicating a solid hour or two to digging through racks and racks of clothes. You will find your diamond in the rough.

-Try wearing some sort of undershirt so you can try on shirts and sweaters in the aisle if the dressing rooms are full.

-Try shopping outside of your gender norm.

-You can rock ANYTHING if you have the confidence to back it up.


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