Introducing: Sunday Yoga

There’s something about sweating next to a bunch of athletic clothes that you’re too cheap to purchase that provides a great deal of comfort to the soul.

What: Yoga class, courtesy of Lululemon.
Sundays 11a-12p.
Where: In the Lululemon store at Easton Town Center. 
 Goose eggs, baby! (In other words: freeeeee!)
Parking: Lots in front of LL. Bean, Diamond Cellar, and Abuelo’s are the closest to Lululemon. Parking in the West Garage by AMC is also a valid option.

This is one of my favorite gems that I have discovered. Yoga instructors from Columbus studios volunteer their time to teach you how work up the sweat you deserve. While some classes provide a gentle flow, others really kick your butt! I think it’s a very suitable setting for those new to yoga and for those who are already able to pretzel-up at the drop of a hat. The age range is about 18-60 but all are welcome! The group is predominantly made up of women, but that doesn’t mean the fellas should shy away.

All you really need is a bottle of water to stay hydrated and a mat. Heck. Even if you don’t have a mat, Lululemon has mats available to borrow! Like really, there’s no excuse for you not to show up and glo-up.

Thanks Lululemon, for providing this complimentary class! It gives those interested in yoga a chance to give it a try without the fear of commitment.



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